A thank you from the teachers

Dear year 6,

Apologies for the missing letter on the back of the leavers’ books (and any mistakes inside!) – I blame those pesky hedgehogs…

Yesterday all four of us teachers were very emotional as we didn’t want you to leave and to be replaced by kids from the dreaded…YEAR 5 CORRIDOR….. I am not sure I have cried so much on a last day which tells me that this has been the best year 6 ever.

I can speak for the whole team that you made us properly love our job this year. We looked forward to every day and there wasn’t once when the alarm clock went off that we didn’t rush in to see what great (and weird) stuff you would do that day.

Doing ‘proper’ work seems like a million years ago but you did work crazily hard this year and made huge progress in your learning. Lots of you did extra work at home, stayed in at break and lunch, and even came to school on Saturdays just to learn more (and for the sausage sandwiches!).

Don’t let anyone at secondary school tell you that you can’t do something (growth mindset) and set yourself new goals when you get there. We all want you to shout “SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD” and to correct a teacher’s grammar in year 7 but just be careful it doesn’t cost you a detention…!

We have put some photos and videos on the blog for you to see. This blog will stay here so you can look back at some of the great times we had this year.

Have an amazing summer, be good at secondary school and come back and see us!

                        Mr Thurston   Mr Ramsbottom   Miss Dite &  Mr Walker