Future is the past Part 1 by Jun Hao

Abigail lay on the floor, unconscious and unable to utter a word. Salom scrutinized at the wounds, they were fatal. He tried everything: from medicine, remedies to herbs and drugs. It was an incurable illness but during this time of Earth, this was a better way to die than most. He cried out, his uncle’s death had hurt him too much a;ready. However, his sister was his last remaining family on this planet. How had this happened, all so quickly? Salom remembered, even though he didn’t want to. Everything flowed through him.

The morning marked a week from their uncle’s death. His father had died only when he was one to a mania disease, he was filled with rage, killed everything and nearly Salom’s sister. Their mum committed suicide soon after. Right now, their only company was each other. Building the last pieces, Salom realised what he was missing when it was all too late. For years on years they has been making a time machine, scavenging little pieces for the build. The laboratory was packed with machinery, this was Salom’s favourite place to be but hopefully he would be somewhere else if this worked. Where he worked was completely dark using little lights to see intricate pieces. Just as he suspected, a loose piece, with thirty minutes before the machine detonated. Sweat trickled down his face,  he would have no help his sister was foraging for materials and water sources. Salom would have to do this on his own.

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