Hollie likes to eat ice cream; her favourite is triple chocolate.

Hollie has two best friends Lacey and Lenna; she has lots more too .

Hollie has got a new bracelet; she now has 3 charms .

Hollie does her homework on the weekend; she has to hand it in on Tuesday.

Hollie likes dogs; her favourite are pugs.

passive and semi-colons

Dogs are liked by Hollie; her favourite are pugs.

Bright colours are liked by Hollie; her favourite colours are pink and purple.

One thought on “Semi-colons”

  1. Your understanding of grammar Hollie is coming on so well. You have semi-colons and passive voice now and have started to combine them into one! I think you know about pronouns too; you know you can use them after a semi-colon.
    What is wrong with this sentence?
    Abigail watched a film; lasted way to long.

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