mystery by lewis kingwell

As I entered the eerie, desolate forest, death threats come upon me and they were clogging up my memory. Nothing else in my mind to think of. “Howl Howl” came a noise brewing closer and closer, the forest was corrupted with mysterious danger it felt so close that it could be my end. I ran up the far side of the forest but it was no use because the howling noise just grew louder and louder. It was getting dark faster I had to find shelter. As the time went by, I heard all sorts of abnormal noises as if I was trying to be haunted. I have friends who always play pranks on me and I shouted ” real funny guys come out or else” silence fell. The bush rustled. It sent a weird sensation up my spine, sweat dripped off of my forehead and … “ahhhhhh” a scream echoed through the forest. who or what was it? I wasn’t too sure what was going on. A twig snapped as the darkness fell. I wish I had brought my 19 bravest friends.

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