Pen pal letter to Josie Lauren

                    Knowle Park Primary School

Queenshill Road




Dear Josie

Thank you sooooo much for the fact file and letter you gave me- I was so exited to receive them. I found out so many more cool things about you! I’m glad you liked my last letter ven though the photo was super awful. I didn’t know you had a dog – you only said about your cats – and I think Cinders is a really cute name. Is Cinders a boy or a girl? What type of dog is it?

Your photo was lovely (much, MUCH better then mine) and all of the new facts about you were soooo interesting especially: that you do swimming that your favourite food is pot noodle and that your favourite song is Diamond- I like it too.  I think swimming is a club I used to go to lessons and I still swim almost every week. I quite like Adventure Time and my favourite characters are Gizmo and Princess Bubblegum.

What was your best Christmas present? Mine is probably my new sewing machine and all of my art stuff. When’s your baby brother going to born ? Tell me when he is- what will he be called? My brother is called Felix and he is super annoying but we have quite good fun together- and we fight!

Have you been on holiday? I’ve been to quite a lot of places including living in LA twice! What’s your favourite holiday ever? Who did you go with?

Thank you from

Lauren S.M

P.S I hope you like my writing!

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