New girl part 7

I wasted no time in debating; time to do some good! I yanked out my bedazzled  phone, pulled up Google and searched struggling charities. There were four: UNICEF , RSPCA , Cancer research UK and children in need.

I reached my ring-festooned fingers into my pink, leather, plush bag and pulled out my matching purse. $100,000! Man, that girls RICH! That,s $25,000 for each charity. Fingers trembling and white from the pressure I was applying to the notes, I ran to the nearest charity store.

Outside the store I ground to a halt. Staring back at me was my old self; aka the real Dakota!

Train window

Out of the train window,

what could I see,

emotionless faces,

staring back at me,

fields and fields,

no end to the tears,

beasts and demons,

into me pumping fears,

frowns and glares,

hatred and spite,

evil and wicked,

singing to night,

friends hearts,

snapped in two,

no one to call,

nothing to do,

soon I won’t see,

anything at all,

my dreadful trip,

fall fall,

towards the earth,

plummeting down,

no one will see me,

back in town,

but wait,

why can I still feel,

tears and dreams,

soon to heal,

life restored,

good as new,

because we all have hearts,

pure and true.


To Daniel (pen pal)

To   Daniel.

Thank you for replying to my letter.I hope you have been doing well in school.

I was brain washed to hear that your favourite author is David Walliams ; he is also my favourite author.He makes really good books; my favourite book of his is midnight gang.I also like playing on my Xbox 360 🎮🎮

I hope you had a very good Christmas and a happy new year 😜.QUIZ ANSWERS ……… 460…..I’m not sure who Liverpool’s youngest scorer is…………Nathaniel Clyne ..

Hope you reply soon #️⃣SAVAGE….

St mark’s primary school

Redhouse lane




To Aiden,                                                                               sk6 1bx

Thank you for the reply. I’m still a fan of golf but I’m not playing it much any more because my dad can’t t take me any more L!!!

Here are some questions do you like to go to skate parks and have you been? I have what do you like to do for fun. sometimes I get distracted ( most of the time ) also I know it is out of season what did you get for Christmas? I got a game called lego dimensions.

I think that’s it can’t wait till I get your reply #swag  Thomas/Tom 😉

Pen pal letter by Lowenna

Knowle Park  Primary School

Queenshill road




Dear Vienna

Thank you for my letter. I really like the name of your song.I like animal documentaries too.Do you like/watch David Atembra? We used to have golden time but we stopped in year 4. I don’t eat much meat but I like sausages. My mum is vegetarian so I don’t eat meat at home.Are you able to eat meat or have you decided not to eat it?

I have done grade one ballet, Tap and Modern exam. The competition was in fishponds and I did a duet with Lauren. We got a silver medal each. I did the easy dance for the tapathon because it was mainly adults. I enjoyed the tapathon. Are production this year is Pirates of the Curry Bean. We have not had it yet but we are practicing. We have a talent show twice a year(before Christmas and at the end of the year). I have been in it twice. In the last one I did music and helped behind the scenes. My friends at school are Lauren, Helena, Isabel, Megan, Evie, Ellie and Leah. I have known Lauren since I was three days old. I go to Juibilee Pool for swimming lessons. I have never had any pets. I like gymnastics but I am not very good. I don’t go to a gym club. I can do a handstand, cartwheel, roundoff and bridge. I play sims freeplay, music tiles, geometry dash lite and minecraft on my kindle fire.

Sorry, I don’t have the code list so I can’t answer the puzzle you sent me.

I have included some of my poetry.

from Lowenna

Pen pal letter to Kayla Lauren

Knowle Park Primary School

Queenshill Road




Dear Kayla,

I’m so exited to be your new pen pal. It was lovely to hear from you – thanks for writing the letter and fact file for me. Your hobbies sound super exiting and all of the things you told me about you are really cool especially all of your favourite things, your fears and your family.

What’s your kitten called? I loved reading about it- kittens are sooooo cute. I love all animals as well except spiders and cockroaches which I am terrified of! What do you like doing at the park? I like doing gymnastics, going on the swings and going on the round about when I go. Your best friend sounds really nice my best friends are Megan and Lowenna, whose Vienna’s pen pal.

How do you like swimming the most? My favourite stroke is front crawl but I LOVE doing handstands and flips underwater. I love all songs to especially Focus by Ariana Grande and all Adele songs.

I’m so glad to be your pen pal and I hope we can send a not her letter soon from,


P.S I hope you like my writing

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Pen pal letter to Josie Lauren

                    Knowle Park Primary School

Queenshill Road




Dear Josie

Thank you sooooo much for the fact file and letter you gave me- I was so exited to receive them. I found out so many more cool things about you! I’m glad you liked my last letter ven though the photo was super awful. I didn’t know you had a dog – you only said about your cats – and I think Cinders is a really cute name. Is Cinders a boy or a girl? What type of dog is it?

Your photo was lovely (much, MUCH better then mine) and all of the new facts about you were soooo interesting especially: that you do swimming that your favourite food is pot noodle and that your favourite song is Diamond- I like it too.  I think swimming is a club I used to go to lessons and I still swim almost every week. I quite like Adventure Time and my favourite characters are Gizmo and Princess Bubblegum.

What was your best Christmas present? Mine is probably my new sewing machine and all of my art stuff. When’s your baby brother going to born ? Tell me when he is- what will he be called? My brother is called Felix and he is super annoying but we have quite good fun together- and we fight!

Have you been on holiday? I’ve been to quite a lot of places including living in LA twice! What’s your favourite holiday ever? Who did you go with?

Thank you from

Lauren S.M

P.S I hope you like my writing!

Mr Zigwoo needs your help!

Hi kids Mr Zigwoo here,

I heard that you are writing discussion texts this week and I thought I would have a go too. Can you have a look at it and let I know what you think? Any help would be great.

I think that hoverboards are great idea for the classroom. Kids will get around faster, They won’t be late ever again.

Thanks… Z

P.S. I hear some of you are writing about planet Plonix. It is lovely there; me and my wife visit it every summer.