Homework-Black pebbles;into the unknown!

How would you use the shiny black pebbles? Do you know of their unmentionable powers? Behold these instructions will create a sight so truly incredible that it will leave all unexpected victims spellbound…

What You Need:

-Two jet black pebbles

-A brave and courageous heart

-A pair of silk gloves

-An out of this world translator

What To Do:

1.Place all equipment on work surface.

2.Slide on embroidered gloves with care.

3.Pick up pebbles and rub together until a spark of pure gold rises into the         .    above.

4.Grab spark and whisper, “Hear me alien!”

5.If alien appears,carry on to step six. However if alien fails to appear repeat step four.

6.Using the translator, greet the alien and give the creature a warming smile.

There you have it, a new alien friend! If this fantastic friend fails to impress, why not request a trip to parallel universes using one of the three wishes which also come with your alien.

6jw literacy cold write

The gloomy, damp forest like pathway was echoed by the sound of roaring thunder and rain flashed into my ear. At that moment, a sudden flash of blinding light making the forest like a jack-o-lantern. As quick as a lighting bolt hitting the ground, it grew closer and closer. My heart froze! With no place to hide, I noticed a sign. DO NOT TRESPASS! Claw marks were making it impossible to read. The car stopped and a shadow grew closer…