My New Pen Pal by Alisha

A few days ago, we got a letter from a school in Stockport and we got PENPALS. Mine is called Madison. They are really nice and we had lots of fun reading them. I sat next to Ellie and we opened them at the same time we were really happy . Ellie and I shared our letters and they were really good. They are in year 5 and we found lots of information about their school. We are looking forward to their next letter!

Poem by Hollie and Alisha

I will put in my box 📦

A glimpse of a burning moon ,  🌛

A baby’s fist word ,  👄

The darkness of the sun,     🌞

A pink moon  🌛

I will put in my box📦

A sleeping blue ocean,   🌊

Three violet wishes,    ☄

The diamond eye from a fish that swamp empty lake         🌊

An ebony flame from a burning fire 🔥

I will put in my box 📦

A book without words but with a story ,   📖

The squelch of a boot hitting mud ,   👟

A sip of the bluest water 💦

The sway of the trees in the winter air .🌳