The tree by Charlie

Creak! A storm was approaching fast and I was trapped. I had been climbing a tree when my trouser leg got stuck on a branch. Lightning had struck behind me and a fire started. I tugged at my leg but it was no use. Blood was pouring onto my face. I could smell burning. It was then when I remembered I had a penknife in my pocket. I reached for it but it slipped in my sweaty grasp. Bears gathered below me. Either way I would die. The Bears hacked at the tree I was stuck on. I jumped for my life…

Skeletons by Charlie

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It was a dark and stormy night, when thunder shook the earth of the graveyard. ┬áRed eyes opened around the graves as decaying claws jumped to life. Skeletons rattled as they crawled out from underneath the graves. Jet black shadows engulfed the dilapidated graveyard. As more and more skeletons crowded the graveyard, they piled down the dirt track towards the cheerful village of Deathvile. Icy mountains loomed over the jaunty village as no one knew what was coming. A jeep approached the hill.Seconds later, skeletons came riding back laughing evilly. They rode to the church…

Horror of the woods

Danger!Certain death!Read the sign. Krannon shook with fear.He knew he couldn’t turn back now.Shivering, Krannon heard old, shriveled up leaves crunch behind him.Worried, he creeped forward. On either side of him he saw trees with branches like witches claws. Beneath his feet (on the road) were claw marks and dead squirrels with blood shred faces. Krannon heard a faint squeal in the distance.Slowly,he turned around and started to jog.Suddenly,a bear jumped out in front of Krannon. It lashed out. Krannon blacked out.