My Pen Pal By Ellie

A few days ago , we got a letter from Stockport and we got our new PENPALS! We all like our pen pals and they are very nice. Alisha and I  sit next to each other and we shared our letters to see them. Mt pen pal  is called Emily and we are almost the same! She’s my long lost twin! We both like trampolining, we both like pizza and curry and arts and crafts. We love sending letters to each other because it’s fun. Pen pals are cool to have also its nice to receive a letter if normally you don’t get letters at home (only when its something bad like the dentist!).

Our season is very pretty by Ellie May

Leaves fall down as little children scrunch them to their last noise. Stars shine upon them as they fell down the drains, flew away or got ripped by a child having a very fun time. but not for the leave ! As days went by, more and more leaves fell off as new ones came. One day, a load noise came “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” It was a tree chopper! Rrrrrrrr! It was sad that day there was only one tree left and that was in are very own garden and it was all depending on THAT TREE! All that earth to cover and there is ONE SINGLE TREE ! It was all over, earth was all over, gone, gone, all gone ………………

Ellie’s poem

It was one minite until the thirteenth hour ,

as one second past the hands of the clock disappeared ,

the clouds turned rusted and old ,

and the darkness devoured the light of the city .

Jet black obsidian rain dropped down and smashed the blasted city ,

as dark whispers shrouded the land ,

while stained clouds hit the evil air .

Silent thunder hit the ground ,

things came to life ,

a hollow eye hopped out a window and flew up ,

the gravity was gone .

The trees screamed ,

as their dresses went up and flew away ,

the birds couldn’t dare to look !


Is the jungle dangerous? By Ellie May Miles

The blood streamed down my arm as the snake came to me ……… Suddenly, pounced and made a permanent hole in my leg and more blood decided to make another water fall of blood. I thought this was my life over in the jungle all lost I fell to the ground and hit my head hard. A couple of hours later , I woke up in a state I needed to clean I needed to eat and drink. Full of horror, I ran with all my strength left for the pond To drink all I could. Since I had been in the jungle for ages now, I knew where I was. But, it wasn’t there! What was going on? “What where is it?” Suddenly, I thought I was in the normal jungle but I wasn’t I I I I was in a a a a land of …… PURPLE! What was going on? Everything was purple! Was it my vision or was it really happening? I didn’t know ………. Or did I? Early one morning, I had got used to the purple and I was eating and in good condition (well for in the jungle ). Grrrrrrrrrr I heard a weary noise grrrrrrrrr IT POUNCED UP GGGRRRRR it was over

The Magic Wolves by Ellie May Miles 6jw

Venturing through the cold, snowy forest , a clever wolf noticed something was wrong. What was it? THE ALPHA WAS MISSING! “We are all going to die!” screamed a child! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  we will die! They needed the magic otherwise they would be extinct. There was no such thing as silence that night. “Mum are we going to die?” “Mum mum mum mum mum mum mum mum ! Please tell me! “I’m not sure – just go to sleep.”

It was a new bright day and the wolves were already up even though it was a long, long night and they couldn’t get to sleep. Eating breakfast, a young wolf noticed something in its slab of meat. A bone? No no no mnnnnnnn it was a map! Bits had been lost inside the wolf but it was not to worry about ……… yet. Days had gone and the map was not to be understood. Two days later, they were as happy as could be ………… THEY UNDERSTOOD THE MAP!