New girl part 7

I wasted no time in debating; time to do some good! I yanked out my bedazzled  phone, pulled up Google and searched struggling charities. There were four: UNICEF , RSPCA , Cancer research UK and children in need.

I reached my ring-festooned fingers into my pink, leather, plush bag and pulled out my matching purse. $100,000! Man, that girls RICH! That,s $25,000 for each charity. Fingers trembling and white from the pressure I was applying to the notes, I ran to the nearest charity store.

Outside the store I ground to a halt. Staring back at me was my old self; aka the real Dakota!

Train window

Out of the train window,

what could I see,

emotionless faces,

staring back at me,

fields and fields,

no end to the tears,

beasts and demons,

into me pumping fears,

frowns and glares,

hatred and spite,

evil and wicked,

singing to night,

friends hearts,

snapped in two,

no one to call,

nothing to do,

soon I won’t see,

anything at all,

my dreadful trip,

fall fall,

towards the earth,

plummeting down,

no one will see me,

back in town,

but wait,

why can I still feel,

tears and dreams,

soon to heal,

life restored,

good as new,

because we all have hearts,

pure and true.





Though scientists have been intrigued by sea turtles since the earliest days of exploration, the modern sea turtle research and conservation movement began to take shape about half a century ago with the release of Archie Carr’s landmark book, The Windward Road (1957). Archie Carr’s writings inspired generations of students and conservationists to research these animals and to work for their protection.

Over this period, we have learned a great deal about sea turtles and made huge strides towards building the knowledge base necessary to form effective conservation strategies. Yet, the more we learn, the more we discover what we do not know; large gaps in our knowledge remain—gaps that, to be successful, we must work together to fill

About This Animal

SIZE: 5 ft (153 cm) 452 lbs (205 kg)

RANGE: Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Warm tropical waters from New England to South Africa and from Western Africa to America

HABITAT: Open ocean and coral reefs

DIET: Herbivorous

After learning some facts about this animal, I think it’s clear to see that we can’t allow them to go extinct give a donation today!

new girl part five

day 5

I can’t write for long because in a moment I need to do my hourly check on how many people have seen my mum’s video; she thinks I’m being paranoid but what does she know, I mean this whole thing is her fault for making us move house but anyhow I need to rewind a few hours and tell you the tragic tale of my day…

Veronica [also known as bla bla bla] was the cause yet another terror. As usual I was minding my own business at my locker when she flounced over, a swarm of boys trapped in her wicked spell of fake perfume and second hand eye shadow. “hay sweets how are you? I mean obviously your doing terrible thanks to that blog of your mums. I really enjoyed it so I think I should share it with the world. Btw I have posted the link on the school channel. Bye sweets.”

The cat who could control all by Helana Mills

Cutest Kitten Ever Babies Pinterest


There once was a cat called snuggles,

the cutest cat there could be,

he had not one owner,

not two but three,

the first one,

Beth I believe.

the second ones name was rather a laugh,

of course I mean Steve,

the third one was pretty

and nice,

her name was cinnamon,

a little like the spice,

this family were very kind,

 but not off the will of their own mind,

the brains were controlled by the cat,

but nobody knew that.

New Girl part four by Helana and Silvie

Day 4

“AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” [That was me screaming]

You will never guess how my day has been so far. here’s how it all began…..

“Hay sweetie how was your day, I just wanted to let you know that my party has a Pokemon go theme soooo, if you could wear fancy dress it would be faboo sweetie, thanks!” Violet  exclaimed, twirling her hair around her finger. my head bellowed “You idiot I just bought a new dress,” but my mouth coed “Thanks V I really appreciate the thought of telling me!” As soon as I got home I wreaked my wardrobe looking for something to wear and when I was about to give up hope I remembered my Halloween costume- of course- Pikachu! I threw it on and rushed to my drawer where I had put my  invitation, GONE! I rushed to the party hoping that I would still be allowed in and thankfully I was. As I reached the middle of the dance-floor I realised that everyone was wearing beautiful ballgowns! Almost immediately the spotlight beamed down upon me and through the light I could see violet snickering with her friends. IT WAS ALL A SET UP! I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. Suddenly I had the worst realisation, my mum had been filming me and was about to upload it to her blog. My life became slow motion as I shouted to my mum “Noooooooo!” but it was to late, it had been posted.

Now I’m sulking in my room dreading tomorrow, but at least after tomorrow its the weekend! :]

poem by Leah and Helana


Plummeting  through outer space,

Anxiety was coating my face,

What use was it in calling,

I just kept falling, falling.


Despite being up so high ,

I knew that I was about to die,

Life was no longer ruling ,

I just kept falling , falling.


My body was getting weaker,

And my life was getting bleaker,

Soon I’d be bawling,

And would stop falling, falling.

New girl part 3

Day 2

Omg! I am on the edge of my seat just waiting for the home bell to ring. If you haven’t already guessed, tonight is bla bla bla’s birthday and I can’t wait to put on my party dress. When my mum heard that I was going to someone’s party, she was so happy that I was fitting in that she took me straight to the most expensive shop in the area! As soon as I saw the dress, I ran to the shop window and gawped. Luckily, it was on offer and surprisingly mum gave me another wad of money to spend on accessories and shoes. I was so happy daydreaming that when the bell rung I fell of my seat. I skidded towards the lockers, grabbed my bag and leaving a trail of papers I sprinted home. Maybe something might actually go right for a change. Who would have guessed it?

If you enjoy this piece of writing, please check out part one and two at Mr Thurston’s class blog under the tag Silvie.


Death from the under world

Death from the underworld,

horrid rage bursting with fury,

not waiting for approval from heaven’s jury,

yet so sweet and alive,

like the sugary honey from the largest hive, 

so strange but so true,

dragging to the under world both me and you.


Death from the underworld,

shattering all dreams,

plotting meniacle schemes,

hatching plots so evil and cruel,

like stopping young children from having a ball,

so strange but so true,

dragging to the underworld both me and you,


Death from the underworld,

raising tears to pour from eyes,

conjuring up the most evil lies,

making a fool out of the devil,

demolishing the most evil level,

so strange but so true,

dragging to the underworld both me and you!


Rain bucketing down upon me, I staggered towards the illuminated park along the crumbling,decaying pathway. Drenched, I slopped onto the crisp grass under the shelter of a colossal tree. Snap! Crunch! Rustle!The bush beside me began to vibrate with such fury that it could have scared off a bull. Something dark reared up, sending a blood-curdling chill down my spine. The clouds hovered above me wailing, waiting for a chance to devour me. A pig like creature with wild brown fur and razor tusks, coming from the hedge, galloped over to me, growling and baring its teeth. without warning, it began to speak!

Poetry inspiration

Single Silent echo             A Gold Shadow          Dry drips of steel          Ivory skies

single tear of joy           The external reign of death           Silent thunder

A muted roar          Capturing eternity           A frozen flame           Ebony fear

Want more? Try putting unusual colours with abstract nouns!

Homework-Black pebbles;into the unknown!

How would you use the shiny black pebbles? Do you know of their unmentionable powers? Behold these instructions will create a sight so truly incredible that it will leave all unexpected victims spellbound…

What You Need:

-Two jet black pebbles

-A brave and courageous heart

-A pair of silk gloves

-An out of this world translator

What To Do:

1.Place all equipment on work surface.

2.Slide on embroidered gloves with care.

3.Pick up pebbles and rub together until a spark of pure gold rises into the         .    above.

4.Grab spark and whisper, “Hear me alien!”

5.If alien appears,carry on to step six. However if alien fails to appear repeat step four.

6.Using the translator, greet the alien and give the creature a warming smile.

There you have it, a new alien friend! If this fantastic friend fails to impress, why not request a trip to parallel universes using one of the three wishes which also come with your alien.

Poetry-Devil or Angel?

I adjudicated between two worlds,

Ebony hatred of the past,

Never willing to be last.

Ruby love for the time to come,

Sent out its diamond hum.

A lone black curse,

Destined for the worst.

A velvet sapphire cloud,

Made the silence loud.

A burgundy moon cried,

When it found the sun that lied.

Silhouettes jigged a dance,

Next to the sun’s sharp lance.

Singing its broken love song,

Because good doesn’t last long.

cold write for mystery by Helana

Krrreeeeek! The remains of a warning sign squealed a desperate cry in the eerie wind. Darkness engulfed the woods as I paused in the only patch of moonlight. Branches-crisp and brittle like witches fingers gripped my uniform. I glanced down to my feet. “AHHHHHH!” Screaming a dastardly howl, I ran back to the darkness for sat in the only patch of moonlight was a skeleton with a knife sharp through the skull! The wafting smell of rotting flesh lingered throughout the mist. My stomach churned ’till everything inside me was in knots. My head grew heavier by the second as worries and panics developed. FLASH! A light as bright as the sun flashed before me. What was it? A silhouette of a man came striding towards me -one more step and I would be able to touch it! Poof! In a cloud of smoke it vanished. Now I knew I was not alone – someone or something was out there and out to get me…