Hollie likes to eat ice cream; her favourite is triple chocolate.

Hollie has two best friends Lacey and Lenna; she has lots more too .

Hollie has got a new bracelet; she now has 3 charms .

Hollie does her homework on the weekend; she has to hand it in on Tuesday.

Hollie likes dogs; her favourite are pugs.

passive and semi-colons

Dogs are liked by Hollie; her favourite are pugs.

Bright colours are liked by Hollie; her favourite colours are pink and purple.

Mr Walker’s class assembly by Lenna

Last Thursday, we did our class assembly about friendship. We did different scenes and then super friend came down  the middle of  the hall and solved our problems. I was with Helana because we had to do a mother trying to get her child ready for school in the morning. I was the child and Helana was my mum and I refused to get out of bed and then she poured water on me  (it was freezing) . Also I did a dance with: Lacey; Hollie; Tianna. At the end of our assembly, some children sang a song but other children could join in if they wanted to.

Poem by Hollie and Alisha

I will put in my box 📦

A glimpse of a burning moon ,  🌛

A baby’s fist word ,  👄

The darkness of the sun,     🌞

A pink moon  🌛

I will put in my box📦

A sleeping blue ocean,   🌊

Three violet wishes,    ☄

The diamond eye from a fish that swamp empty lake         🌊

An ebony flame from a burning fire 🔥

I will put in my box 📦

A book without words but with a story ,   📖

The squelch of a boot hitting mud ,   👟

A sip of the bluest water 💦

The sway of the trees in the winter air .🌳

MYSTERY cold write by HOLLIE

As I took a small step forward through the gloomy forest and sniffed the foggy air in, I could see a bright light shinning ahead. Something was there. I crept closer and closer and the shinning light began to become brighter. I spotted muddy foot steps ahead. They led all the way to the shinning  light.   WHAT WAS IT? A shiver shot down my spine, my teeth began to chatter and I started to bite my nails. I WAS SCARED! Out of nowhere, I heard a mutter …