Alien sighting by Keiran

As looming trees eerily moved in the wind like bony hands reaching for me, mist slowly curled in, blinding my view. Then, in the distance shadowy figures formed. I thought they were trees until the moved from one spot to another. What were they? Suddenly three sets of bulging eyes appeared and came closer. CRACK! I stepped on a twig and the eyes disappeared with a scream. I was left in complete darkness. Crackle, bang, BOOM! I thought a bomb had gone off but there was no fire in the area. I suddenly turned to find the eyes again. The eyes came closer and strange, three foot figures appeared. They came closer till they got hold of me. Without a thought, I ran in the opposite direction with twigs cracking beneath my feet. I tripped over an old, broken root and peered up. Hovering in midair, a flashing light glared down on me. My palms started to sweat. Was this the end? Will I make it through?

6JW mystery COLD WRITE by Keiran

As I strolled though the eerie forest along the lane, a sign stood. The words wrote DANGER NO TRESPASSING! I took a risk and ignored the sign. Further up the lane, bones were strewn all over the ground. Trees loomed over like bony hands reaching for me. A shiver ran up my spine. Suddenly, in the distance a gloomy bright light shone down! I walked closer. A mysterious being appeared out of the light. What was it?