First Paragraph of Finding Tale By Krish

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One frosty cold morning, the two twins Malachi and Ostin were on their way to their dilapidated tree house – it was like their second home- once again they thought they were alone. At that very second, their eyes were caught by something………A glowing light glistened in the bottom of the shallow stream. It had turned out to be a shiny lantern which had been swept from the top of the stream. Maybe it came from a pirate ship which was in the sea. Carefully, without falling in, Ostin scooped out a the strange object and held it out with pride in front of his brother. Malachi looked puzzled.

Area 51 the shrinking

As the rose from behind the grassy hills, the two boys slowly got out of their beds and crept down the stairs. Staggering out of the deadly silent house, the two boys silently shut the door and set of to the shop not knowing what journey  was ahead of them .                                                                                                                         When they arrived at the field, they stumbled over the fence, which they had to get over to reach the shop. Well there was a safer way but Eric and Benjamin were all about adventure. “EEW, what is that smell? Eric smell!” Eric yelled (Not noticing the cow pat on his shoe.Image result for area 51

Fears of the forest by Krish

DO NOT ENTER!!I suddenly slammed my foot on the  brake. Where am I? I said in my head quietly. Who’s that! Someone is coming…..I carefully opened the car door and stepped a foot outside. The mud squelched beneath my feet I cowered in fear. Another sign popped up on the road. Do not enter forest up ahead. I ignored the sign and carried on. The horrible waft of the forest waste was making the horrible walk worse. What was I going to do? Is this the end? Or will I find my way back?