GRAMMAR by Lacey

Gemma won the dance competition; everyone was proud.

Claire strangles boys; she has no friends.

Stacey plays on her phone; she was playing on hay day.

Saidie punched her mum; she had a big telling off.

Max plays football; he trains every weekend.

Ryan went to freedog; he invited some friends.

Emily loves grammer; she practices every day.

Tom went swimming; he was in the deep end.

Morgan went dance; she was the best there.

Modal verbs

You could go to the park.

I might go to the cinema.

You will go to school.

You may be able to come round.

You must d as your told.

I should do my home work.

I shall go to your party.

I cant go round your house.

You can do your work.

I shan’t do my work.

You shouldn’t ignore the teacher.


The class’s magpie books were great.

Give me Lenna’s coat.

Get out of the girls’ toilet.

The girls sat on Mr Walker’s table.


Do you want go to camp? Are you bored waiting until year 6? If you do, listen to this advice.

Don’t listen to people that say camp is boring: it is fun! Surely you don’t want to be the only child staying at school. Trust me you don’t know how fun it is.

After coming to cam for a day, all of the children that did not come always asked to stay. But they learnt a lesson to come to the next camp.

Recent people that have come back from camp really happy but sad to leave. Imagine being the only child that did not go to camp.

If I were you, look very closely at all of the pictures at camp. Always take notice of people that know best. Remember once you’ve been SPREAD how good it is.

Mr Walker’s class assembly by Lenna

Last Thursday, we did our class assembly about friendship. We did different scenes and then super friend came down  the middle of  the hall and solved our problems. I was with Helana because we had to do a mother trying to get her child ready for school in the morning. I was the child and Helana was my mum and I refused to get out of bed and then she poured water on me  (it was freezing) . Also I did a dance with: Lacey; Hollie; Tianna. At the end of our assembly, some children sang a song but other children could join in if they wanted to.

My Poem by Lacey

I wil put in the box

An ebony shadow looking over,                                                                                             A ruby sky with a glowing sun,                                                                                         A lime spell that witches made,                                                                                        A burgundy wish that never existed.

I will put in the box

A frozen sun with ice melting,                                                                                            Silent thunder whispering in the sky,                                                                                A scarlet river with colourful flowers,                                                                             A burnt song that families love.

I will put in the box

A muted scream that’s pretty weird,                                                                                  A maroon whisper which no one heard,                                                                          A jet-black moon which came out late,                                                                              dead dream that no one saw.

I will put in the box

A violet lie that no one told,                                                                                                 Beams of gossamer light beamed over,                                                                             Lightening echoed over the town,                                                                                     An abandoned book that no one saw.

Cold writing task: mystery

All of a sudden, I  came up to a dark, gloomy lane. Feeling anxious, I  drove carefully down the narrow road, trying to avoid the noise of the waving trees. I started to get worried as I got deeper along the road. A waft of danger struck me! There were trees strewn everywhere. There was an eerie sound! Without warning, trees started to fall surrounding my car. I couldn’t move!