Pen pal letter to Josie Lauren

                    Knowle Park Primary School

Queenshill Road




Dear Josie

Thank you sooooo much for the fact file and letter you gave me- I was so exited to receive them. I found out so many more cool things about you! I’m glad you liked my last letter ven though the photo was super awful. I didn’t know you had a dog – you only said about your cats – and I think Cinders is a really cute name. Is Cinders a boy or a girl? What type of dog is it?

Your photo was lovely (much, MUCH better then mine) and all of the new facts about you were soooo interesting especially: that you do swimming that your favourite food is pot noodle and that your favourite song is Diamond- I like it too.  I think swimming is a club I used to go to lessons and I still swim almost every week. I quite like Adventure Time and my favourite characters are Gizmo and Princess Bubblegum.

What was your best Christmas present? Mine is probably my new sewing machine and all of my art stuff. When’s your baby brother going to born ? Tell me when he is- what will he be called? My brother is called Felix and he is super annoying but we have quite good fun together- and we fight!

Have you been on holiday? I’ve been to quite a lot of places including living in LA twice! What’s your favourite holiday ever? Who did you go with?

Thank you from

Lauren S.M

P.S I hope you like my writing!

Varjack Paw – Book review by Lauren

DescriptionVarjack Paw is a book full of action and adventure about a young cat discovering the world. When some mysterious visitors come by the Contessa’s house (Varjacks home), the cat family is in threat and it is up to Varjack to save them. But he finds life outside the safety of the garden wall more of a challenge then he thought…

The Characters- Varjack is an energetic, young cat longing for adventure. In his expedition, he teams up with Holly, a spiky, tough street cat and Tam who’s Holly’s laid- back sidekick who always longs for food! Finally, the team meet Kludge, a dog, and the hero of the story.

Highlights- There are many: the arguments, the fights, the utter suspense. Also the many ghastly encounters with Sally Bones are bone-racking and will leave you quivering in your seats.

Unputdownable?- Completely. This is one of those books you will pick up at every possible second. And things really get interesting when the gentlemen and his demonic cats invade the story, you won’t be able to stop!

Rating- 5/5 I think this book is amazing!

The Porcupine’s secret by Lauren

I’ll never tell anyone but,

My spines are actually samurai swords

My eyes are opal buttons

And my tongue is as strong as 1 million oxen


I’ll  never tell anyone but,

I was born in a sacride temple

In a distant far away land

my parents are golden eagles


I’ll never tell anyone but,

My blood is liquid gold

I have ridden a midnight stallion

My teeth are made of sapphires


I’ll never tell anyone but,

My heart is a bite from a rainbow

Found in ancient Greece

My secret is the suns glow


That secret shines

Untold and hidden

Kept in my mind

Never revealed

This was the poem I wrote a year ago and was inspired by Megan.

Short poems by lauren and felix


I found a candle and it was bright,

It turned out to be dynamite,

It blew sky high and said goodbye,

Because it was in orbit up so high.


I thought you knew,

But it’s not true 

 I told you too


What makes me happy,

The tweet of birds in the morning,

Waking to crisp white snow,

The hush of a rolling wave,

The first summer music,

that’s what makes me happy.


Last year some children went to @Bristol for a TeenTech  competition. We had to design and make futuristic building which would have useful features to help in the future.  There were around 15 schools who had entered the competition and took part in a series of technical activities like programming, robot races and app designing. Towards the end of the trip, the prizes were given. Our school won many different aspects of it including best idea of the day, most creative project and best app.

It… by Lauren

It…was coming closer. Closer and closer. Its grotesque hairy body loomed over me smothering the moonlight and making the darkness even more threatening. My mouth dried. Fear held me down by the neck strangling me until limp. Blinded with horror, I felt my legs buckle. I would be dead before the day  was out. The beast was lashing out more voraciously Image result for creepy forest wallpaperwith every second.

As the monster tore apart my clothes, I thought back to the luxury of earlier that day…

It had all started at the park- just kicking around the football in our scuffed trainers on a Sunday afternoon. Just as usual…