Pen pal letter by Lowenna

Knowle Park  Primary School

Queenshill road




Dear Vienna

Thank you for my letter. I really like the name of your song.I like animal documentaries too.Do you like/watch David Atembra? We used to have golden time but we stopped in year 4. I don’t eat much meat but I like sausages. My mum is vegetarian so I don’t eat meat at home.Are you able to eat meat or have you decided not to eat it?

I have done grade one ballet, Tap and Modern exam. The competition was in fishponds and I did a duet with Lauren. We got a silver medal each. I did the easy dance for the tapathon because it was mainly adults. I enjoyed the tapathon. Are production this year is Pirates of the Curry Bean. We have not had it yet but we are practicing. We have a talent show twice a year(before Christmas and at the end of the year). I have been in it twice. In the last one I did music and helped behind the scenes. My friends at school are Lauren, Helena, Isabel, Megan, Evie, Ellie and Leah. I have known Lauren since I was three days old. I go to Juibilee Pool for swimming lessons. I have never had any pets. I like gymnastics but I am not very good. I don’t go to a gym club. I can do a handstand, cartwheel, roundoff and bridge. I play sims freeplay, music tiles, geometry dash lite and minecraft on my kindle fire.

Sorry, I don’t have the code list so I can’t answer the puzzle you sent me.

I have included some of my poetry.

from Lowenna

Danger by Lowenna

Danger! The wobbling signpost was about to topple over. I inched forwards.The waft of stagnant puddles lingered in the air. I squinted into the distance and spotted a bright light. I had never seen anyone in such a deserted place. I edged towards the close tree. Little voices reverberated around the forest. I nibbled by nails and my heart raced. Who was it?Image result for spooky forest

The boat trip by Lowenna Negus

In the summer holidays I went to Tenby in Wales. We went on a boat trip to an Island. There was a long queue but we got a space after a while. The boat was a little tippy and compact but still great fun. When we arrived we went for a walk around. The island was owned by monks and we could see them and the monastry. There were two churches. One was used for visitors to watch a video in that said all about being a monk and the other was used by the monkseach our. There were many other activities we did:

  • Playground
  • Icecream
  • chocolate shop
  • beach