mystery by lewis kingwell

As I entered the eerie, desolate forest, death threats come upon me and they were clogging up my memory. Nothing else in my mind to think of. “Howl Howl” came a noise brewing closer and closer, the forest was corrupted with mysterious danger it felt so close that it could be my end. I ran up the far side of the forest but it was no use because the howling noise just grew louder and louder. It was getting dark faster I had to find shelter. As the time went by, I heard all sorts of abnormal noises as if I was trying to be haunted. I have friends who always play pranks on me and I shouted ” real funny guys come out or else” silence fell. The bush rustled. It sent a weird sensation up my spine, sweat dripped off of my forehead and … “ahhhhhh” a scream echoed through the forest. who or what was it? I wasn’t too sure what was going on. A twig snapped as the darkness fell. I wish I had brought my 19 bravest friends.

My Mysterious Memories poetry by Lewis

In my mind I will store

The remains of a charcoal planet,

A jet-black curse to shroud a mummy,

A book without words but with majestic knowledge,


I will store in my mind

Beams of gossamer muted lightning guiding the way,

A chunk of a dwarf planet shrinking to size,

a diamond maze which never ends,

The last ivory nightmare which will blow your mind,

A snowman with a frozen flame,

A single thundercloud brewing closer,

A chrome moon hungry for life,

A jet-black silhouette which will be sealed in history,

A remaining piece of an old dilapidated crimson myth banished forever,

Dreams of pomegranate dread which mysteriously vanished,

The only remaining piece of an old ancient relic,

A titan moon possessed by a ghost,

The unconscious man with an emerald touch,

The light of a board enchanting a journey,

A claret dream cursing the universe.


Rain bucketing down upon me, I staggered towards the illuminated park along the crumbling,decaying pathway. Drenched, I slopped onto the crisp grass under the shelter of a colossal tree. Snap! Crunch! Rustle!The bush beside me began to vibrate with such fury that it could have scared off a bull. Something dark reared up, sending a blood-curdling chill down my spine. The clouds hovered above me wailing, waiting for a chance to devour me. A pig like creature with wild brown fur and razor tusks, coming from the hedge, galloped over to me, growling and baring its teeth. without warning, it began to speak!

MYSTERY cold write by HOLLIE

As I took a small step forward through the gloomy forest and sniffed the foggy air in, I could see a bright light shinning ahead. Something was there. I crept closer and closer and the shinning light began to become brighter. I spotted muddy foot steps ahead. They led all the way to the shinning  light.   WHAT WAS IT? A shiver shot down my spine, my teeth began to chatter and I started to bite my nails. I WAS SCARED! Out of nowhere, I heard a mutter …

cold write for mystery by Helana

Krrreeeeek! The remains of a warning sign squealed a desperate cry in the eerie wind. Darkness engulfed the woods as I paused in the only patch of moonlight. Branches-crisp and brittle like witches fingers gripped my uniform. I glanced down to my feet. “AHHHHHH!” Screaming a dastardly howl, I ran back to the darkness for sat in the only patch of moonlight was a skeleton with a knife sharp through the skull! The wafting smell of rotting flesh lingered throughout the mist. My stomach churned ’till everything inside me was in knots. My head grew heavier by the second as worries and panics developed. FLASH! A light as bright as the sun flashed before me. What was it? A silhouette of a man came striding towards me -one more step and I would be able to touch it! Poof! In a cloud of smoke it vanished. Now I knew I was not alone – someone or something was out there and out to get me… 

Alien landing cold write – Leaht

DO NOT ENTER! The sign stared right at me limp and broken. Scratches coated the ground around it; blood was scattered about it. Gnarled trees stretched out long spindly arms as if trying to strangle me. My heart started to pound like the rhythm of a drum. A waft of danger lingered in the air as fear took its grasp on me. Sweat coated my brow as tears welled in the back of my eyes. I heard a twig snap behind me. All of a sudden, a strange voice sounded behind me: “Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” I stopped dead in my tracks as the strange person said something in a low gruff tone. Suddenly a noise sounded behind me and a gas mixed with the odour of danger engulfed me. I couldn’t escape now!What should I do?

Mystery by Taylor

While I was playing at the park, my dad rang me and said that my mum was in the hospital because she was involved in a car accident. That means I have to go through the wood to go and see my mum. As I got closer to the forest, it got the darker. As soon as I got to the forest, all I could smell was the waft of the stagnant water. There were trees strewn everywhere. When I crept further  into the forest, the more engulfed it got with fog. As I crept around, I saw a light it was a car….

6JW mystery COLD WRITE by Keiran

As I strolled though the eerie forest along the lane, a sign stood. The words wrote DANGER NO TRESPASSING! I took a risk and ignored the sign. Further up the lane, bones were strewn all over the ground. Trees loomed over like bony hands reaching for me. A shiver ran up my spine. Suddenly, in the distance a gloomy bright light shone down! I walked closer. A mysterious being appeared out of the light. What was it?

Cold writing task: mystery

All of a sudden, I  came up to a dark, gloomy lane. Feeling anxious, I  drove carefully down the narrow road, trying to avoid the noise of the waving trees. I started to get worried as I got deeper along the road. A waft of danger struck me! There were trees strewn everywhere. There was an eerie sound! Without warning, trees started to fall surrounding my car. I couldn’t move!