Train window

Out of the train window,

what could I see,

emotionless faces,

staring back at me,

fields and fields,

no end to the tears,

beasts and demons,

into me pumping fears,

frowns and glares,

hatred and spite,

evil and wicked,

singing to night,

friends hearts,

snapped in two,

no one to call,

nothing to do,

soon I won’t see,

anything at all,

my dreadful trip,

fall fall,

towards the earth,

plummeting down,

no one will see me,

back in town,

but wait,

why can I still feel,

tears and dreams,

soon to heal,

life restored,

good as new,

because we all have hearts,

pure and true.


The cat who could control all by Helana Mills

Cutest Kitten Ever Babies Pinterest


There once was a cat called snuggles,

the cutest cat there could be,

he had not one owner,

not two but three,

the first one,

Beth I believe.

the second ones name was rather a laugh,

of course I mean Steve,

the third one was pretty

and nice,

her name was cinnamon,

a little like the spice,

this family were very kind,

 but not off the will of their own mind,

the brains were controlled by the cat,

but nobody knew that.

My Poem by Lacey

I wil put in the box

An ebony shadow looking over,                                                                                             A ruby sky with a glowing sun,                                                                                         A lime spell that witches made,                                                                                        A burgundy wish that never existed.

I will put in the box

A frozen sun with ice melting,                                                                                            Silent thunder whispering in the sky,                                                                                A scarlet river with colourful flowers,                                                                             A burnt song that families love.

I will put in the box

A muted scream that’s pretty weird,                                                                                  A maroon whisper which no one heard,                                                                          A jet-black moon which came out late,                                                                              dead dream that no one saw.

I will put in the box

A violet lie that no one told,                                                                                                 Beams of gossamer light beamed over,                                                                             Lightening echoed over the town,                                                                                     An abandoned book that no one saw.

Ellie’s poem

It was one minite until the thirteenth hour ,

as one second past the hands of the clock disappeared ,

the clouds turned rusted and old ,

and the darkness devoured the light of the city .

Jet black obsidian rain dropped down and smashed the blasted city ,

as dark whispers shrouded the land ,

while stained clouds hit the evil air .

Silent thunder hit the ground ,

things came to life ,

a hollow eye hopped out a window and flew up ,

the gravity was gone .

The trees screamed ,

as their dresses went up and flew away ,

the birds couldn’t dare to look !