Train window

Out of the train window,

what could I see,

emotionless faces,

staring back at me,

fields and fields,

no end to the tears,

beasts and demons,

into me pumping fears,

frowns and glares,

hatred and spite,

evil and wicked,

singing to night,

friends hearts,

snapped in two,

no one to call,

nothing to do,

soon I won’t see,

anything at all,

my dreadful trip,

fall fall,

towards the earth,

plummeting down,

no one will see me,

back in town,

but wait,

why can I still feel,

tears and dreams,

soon to heal,

life restored,

good as new,

because we all have hearts,

pure and true.


The cat who could control all by Helana Mills

Cutest Kitten Ever Babies Pinterest


There once was a cat called snuggles,

the cutest cat there could be,

he had not one owner,

not two but three,

the first one,

Beth I believe.

the second ones name was rather a laugh,

of course I mean Steve,

the third one was pretty

and nice,

her name was cinnamon,

a little like the spice,

this family were very kind,

 but not off the will of their own mind,

the brains were controlled by the cat,

but nobody knew that.

poem by Leah and Helana


Plummeting  through outer space,

Anxiety was coating my face,

What use was it in calling,

I just kept falling, falling.


Despite being up so high ,

I knew that I was about to die,

Life was no longer ruling ,

I just kept falling , falling.


My body was getting weaker,

And my life was getting bleaker,

Soon I’d be bawling,

And would stop falling, falling.

Leah’s poetry on an Armageddon

The Armageddon

Jaundiced peril engulfed the world,

As in the cauldron incantations swirled,

Chasm of bones were filling fast,

And the latest generation was becoming the past.

Maroon lava drowned the water,

Storming along capturing whoever sought her,

Rain of lightning struck the hope,

Making sure no human could cope.

Ebony eyes glared at the human race,

As they tried to quicken their pace,

Crimson death stained the grass,

Turning it as clear as glass.

Charcoal laughter echoed throughout,

The cavern of darkness where no-one came out,

Clocks without hands chimed midnight,

As rusted hope was out of sight.

Golden lakes were dyed blood-red ,

In every home blood was shed,

Silver tunes were torn and shattered,

Carcasses were over the world – scattered.

Cinnamon embers were long since gone,

A charcoal sun no longer shone,

Rusted promises lay cracked on the floor,

Sadness was heaped  on the world, more and more.


Death from the under world

Death from the underworld,

horrid rage bursting with fury,

not waiting for approval from heaven’s jury,

yet so sweet and alive,

like the sugary honey from the largest hive, 

so strange but so true,

dragging to the under world both me and you.


Death from the underworld,

shattering all dreams,

plotting meniacle schemes,

hatching plots so evil and cruel,

like stopping young children from having a ball,

so strange but so true,

dragging to the underworld both me and you,


Death from the underworld,

raising tears to pour from eyes,

conjuring up the most evil lies,

making a fool out of the devil,

demolishing the most evil level,

so strange but so true,

dragging to the underworld both me and you!

My Mysterious Memories poetry by Lewis

In my mind I will store

The remains of a charcoal planet,

A jet-black curse to shroud a mummy,

A book without words but with majestic knowledge,


I will store in my mind

Beams of gossamer muted lightning guiding the way,

A chunk of a dwarf planet shrinking to size,

a diamond maze which never ends,

The last ivory nightmare which will blow your mind,

A snowman with a frozen flame,

A single thundercloud brewing closer,

A chrome moon hungry for life,

A jet-black silhouette which will be sealed in history,

A remaining piece of an old dilapidated crimson myth banished forever,

Dreams of pomegranate dread which mysteriously vanished,

The only remaining piece of an old ancient relic,

A titan moon possessed by a ghost,

The unconscious man with an emerald touch,

The light of a board enchanting a journey,

A claret dream cursing the universe.

The Porcupine’s secret by Lauren

I’ll never tell anyone but,

My spines are actually samurai swords

My eyes are opal buttons

And my tongue is as strong as 1 million oxen


I’ll  never tell anyone but,

I was born in a sacride temple

In a distant far away land

my parents are golden eagles


I’ll never tell anyone but,

My blood is liquid gold

I have ridden a midnight stallion

My teeth are made of sapphires


I’ll never tell anyone but,

My heart is a bite from a rainbow

Found in ancient Greece

My secret is the suns glow


That secret shines

Untold and hidden

Kept in my mind

Never revealed

This was the poem I wrote a year ago and was inspired by Megan.

Short poems by lauren and felix


I found a candle and it was bright,

It turned out to be dynamite,

It blew sky high and said goodbye,

Because it was in orbit up so high.


I thought you knew,

But it’s not true 

 I told you too


What makes me happy,

The tweet of birds in the morning,

Waking to crisp white snow,

The hush of a rolling wave,

The first summer music,

that’s what makes me happy.

My Poem by Lacey

I wil put in the box

An ebony shadow looking over,                                                                                             A ruby sky with a glowing sun,                                                                                         A lime spell that witches made,                                                                                        A burgundy wish that never existed.

I will put in the box

A frozen sun with ice melting,                                                                                            Silent thunder whispering in the sky,                                                                                A scarlet river with colourful flowers,                                                                             A burnt song that families love.

I will put in the box

A muted scream that’s pretty weird,                                                                                  A maroon whisper which no one heard,                                                                          A jet-black moon which came out late,                                                                              dead dream that no one saw.

I will put in the box

A violet lie that no one told,                                                                                                 Beams of gossamer light beamed over,                                                                             Lightening echoed over the town,                                                                                     An abandoned book that no one saw.

Poem by Hollie and Alisha

I will put in my box 📦

A glimpse of a burning moon ,  🌛

A baby’s fist word ,  👄

The darkness of the sun,     🌞

A pink moon  🌛

I will put in my box📦

A sleeping blue ocean,   🌊

Three violet wishes,    ☄

The diamond eye from a fish that swamp empty lake         🌊

An ebony flame from a burning fire 🔥

I will put in my box 📦

A book without words but with a story ,   📖

The squelch of a boot hitting mud ,   👟

A sip of the bluest water 💦

The sway of the trees in the winter air .🌳

Poetry by Leah T

Silent thunder loomed above,

Stretching out a crimson glove,

Grasping at some golden hope,

Which dissipated into smoke.


Letting out a muted roar,

The claret night, it began to soar,

Scarlet malice ruled the sky,

As jaundiced hope floated by.


Underneath cardinal ice,

Lay an atom of golden life,

In solitude without a salvager,

It let out a gossamer whisper.


Dreams of dread possessed the mind,

Of forlorn youths of every kind,

A lone black curse arrives to vex,

A visitor from Planet X.


Mysterious mishaps unfold;

Dark incantations once foretold:

Lives of pain and torture,

Going on forever.


A realm of darkness  out of sight,

Celestial neighbour, dark as night.

Nibiru Cataclysm –

Earth’s ultimate destruction.

…planet X

Poetry inspiration

Single Silent echo             A Gold Shadow          Dry drips of steel          Ivory skies

single tear of joy           The external reign of death           Silent thunder

A muted roar          Capturing eternity           A frozen flame           Ebony fear

Want more? Try putting unusual colours with abstract nouns!

Poetry-Devil or Angel?

I adjudicated between two worlds,

Ebony hatred of the past,

Never willing to be last.

Ruby love for the time to come,

Sent out its diamond hum.

A lone black curse,

Destined for the worst.

A velvet sapphire cloud,

Made the silence loud.

A burgundy moon cried,

When it found the sun that lied.

Silhouettes jigged a dance,

Next to the sun’s sharp lance.

Singing its broken love song,

Because good doesn’t last long.