Finally finished Danny the Champion of the World

Lacey and I were having a ‘Read Off’ with this book, Lacey won!

I have today finished the book which I really enjoyed. I would definitely recommend it!

I’ve magpied a few words, and these are: bellowed, festooned and resplendent.

I have also heard a few other words over the last few days that I want to magpie these are: Autumnal, ostentatious and ethnicity.

Have you read or heard any words that you want to magpie? If so, don’t forget to write them down.

My next book is going to be Roald Dahl – Going solo, if anyone would like to join me, let me know as I know there are a few copies in school.


Hi Suns,

I hope you’re having a great holiday.

My book recommendations for you are anything by David Walliams.  They are great books – the kind that you can pick up and put down – they make you laugh and are a really enjoyable read.

Broadwalk library hold a couple of his books. If they don’t have the book you want, the lovely people at the library can order them in for you (there is no charge for this). Once they have the book, they will text/email your parents to let them know it’s arrived!

Happy Reading

Miss Jordan

P.S. My favourite from the series is Grandpa’s Great Escape.

1st post on the blog!

Hi Suns,

Welcome to our new blog! I am really excited that you all are in my class and I am looking forward to having fun and learning loads in September.

Make sure over the summer you have fun with your families, relax, go out and visit places, be kind and learn about the world around you.

If you want to, you could:

  1. Join the library summerreadingchallenge it is all about Roald Dahl – my favourite!Big Friendly Read, Summer Reading Challenge 2016
  2. Start researching into SPACE as it is our first topic of the year.
  3. Enter our class LOGO competition; the winner will go up on the door of the classroom for the whole year.
  4. Start looking at the year 6 grammar and maths
  5. Keep checking the blog for challenges, stories, book recommendations and more… you will get your own log in but for now you can log in with username: 6jw2016    and password:  2016

Mr Walker