New girl part 7

I wasted no time in debating; time to do some good! I yanked out my bedazzled  phone, pulled up Google and searched struggling charities. There were four: UNICEF , RSPCA , Cancer research UK and children in need.

I reached my ring-festooned fingers into my pink, leather, plush bag and pulled out my matching purse. $100,000! Man, that girls RICH! That,s $25,000 for each charity. Fingers trembling and white from the pressure I was applying to the notes, I ran to the nearest charity store.

Outside the store I ground to a halt. Staring back at me was my old self; aka the real Dakota!

new girl part five

day 5

I can’t write for long because in a moment I need to do my hourly check on how many people have seen my mum’s video; she thinks I’m being paranoid but what does she know, I mean this whole thing is her fault for making us move house but anyhow I need to rewind a few hours and tell you the tragic tale of my day…

Veronica [also known as bla bla bla] was the cause yet another terror. As usual I was minding my own business at my locker when she flounced over, a swarm of boys trapped in her wicked spell of fake perfume and second hand eye shadow. “hay sweets how are you? I mean obviously your doing terrible thanks to that blog of your mums. I really enjoyed it so I think I should share it with the world. Btw I have posted the link on the school channel. Bye sweets.”

New Girl part four by Helana and Silvie

Day 4

“AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” [That was me screaming]

You will never guess how my day has been so far. here’s how it all began…..

“Hay sweetie how was your day, I just wanted to let you know that my party has a Pokemon go theme soooo, if you could wear fancy dress it would be faboo sweetie, thanks!” Violet  exclaimed, twirling her hair around her finger. my head bellowed “You idiot I just bought a new dress,” but my mouth coed “Thanks V I really appreciate the thought of telling me!” As soon as I got home I wreaked my wardrobe looking for something to wear and when I was about to give up hope I remembered my Halloween costume- of course- Pikachu! I threw it on and rushed to my drawer where I had put my  invitation, GONE! I rushed to the party hoping that I would still be allowed in and thankfully I was. As I reached the middle of the dance-floor I realised that everyone was wearing beautiful ballgowns! Almost immediately the spotlight beamed down upon me and through the light I could see violet snickering with her friends. IT WAS ALL A SET UP! I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. Suddenly I had the worst realisation, my mum had been filming me and was about to upload it to her blog. My life became slow motion as I shouted to my mum “Noooooooo!” but it was to late, it had been posted.

Now I’m sulking in my room dreading tomorrow, but at least after tomorrow its the weekend! :]

New girl part 3

Day 2

Omg! I am on the edge of my seat just waiting for the home bell to ring. If you haven’t already guessed, tonight is bla bla bla’s birthday and I can’t wait to put on my party dress. When my mum heard that I was going to someone’s party, she was so happy that I was fitting in that she took me straight to the most expensive shop in the area! As soon as I saw the dress, I ran to the shop window and gawped. Luckily, it was on offer and surprisingly mum gave me another wad of money to spend on accessories and shoes. I was so happy daydreaming that when the bell rung I fell of my seat. I skidded towards the lockers, grabbed my bag and leaving a trail of papers I sprinted home. Maybe something might actually go right for a change. Who would have guessed it?

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