first paragraph of finding tale by Thomas Morley

The key that opens nothing!

The dull day began, Jamie – a generous and curious boy – was walking to school that day when immediately Jessie [ a sneaky young boy ] popped out of a devoured bush. As soon as he made eye contact, he begged Jamie to go to the hide out. At first it didn’t work…of course it didn’t! But eventually it worked. rush-fully, the duo dashed to the forest beyond the worn-out park the place always made his spine shiver! Climbing though the harmful brambles, a giant tree stood before them! Suddenly a glimpse of silver light hit Jamie’s eye and he tugged it loose. It was a key of clockwork!

6jw literacy cold write

The gloomy, damp forest like pathway was echoed by the sound of roaring thunder and rain flashed into my ear. At that moment, a sudden flash of blinding light making the forest like a jack-o-lantern. As quick as a lighting bolt hitting the ground, it grew closer and closer. My heart froze! With no place to hide, I noticed a sign. DO NOT TRESPASS! Claw marks were making it impossible to read. The car stopped and a shadow grew closer…