Poetry by Leah T

Silent thunder loomed above,

Stretching out a crimson glove,

Grasping at some golden hope,

Which dissipated into smoke.


Letting out a muted roar,

The claret night, it began to soar,

Scarlet malice ruled the sky,

As jaundiced hope floated by.


Underneath cardinal ice,

Lay an atom of golden life,

In solitude without a salvager,

It let out a gossamer whisper.


Dreams of dread possessed the mind,

Of forlorn youths of every kind,

A lone black curse arrives to vex,

A visitor from Planet X.


Mysterious mishaps unfold;

Dark incantations once foretold:

Lives of pain and torture,

Going on forever.


A realm of darkness  out of sight,

Celestial neighbour, dark as night.

Nibiru Cataclysm –

Earth’s ultimate destruction.

…planet X

Writing by Leah

The bitter cold bit into my frozen body. I ran on  My bare feet were coated in blood and cuts and fear possessed me. My eyes were blanketed in salty tears and my arms and legs were swollen and numb. I  clutched at my side and glanced at it cautiously – my mouth gaped in shock. Anxiety hit me like the clanging of a bell. Memories flooded back to me and soon my mind had been washed with sorrow and experiences that would be better forgotten. However, they still wouldn’t stop echoing in my mind. I felt like life couldn’t get any worse…

Alone at sea

I watched my brother float motionlessly beside me.At times I thought he would be wrenched from my grasp because his pale face would continuously be forced under the water and however much I tried to grasp him  the further away  he was torn from me .The buoyancy of the ball that kept him afloat was weakening.The water ,which had looked bright and warm and like a blanket of sequins just moments before, seemed icy cold,murky and shrouded in mysterious shadows and i was plunged into the depths of it . I thought back to that morning.

I ran to the wall and jumped onto it catching my breath. Finley tagged along behind grumbling and groaning about being cold and tired . I rolled my eyes and glanced down at the large black rock beneath us.A smile played across my lips.I jumped down from the path leading to where the large boulders lay .the church clock struck 9. I ran onto the rocks ignoring the bold sign that said: DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA PAST 4 O CLOCK!

I jumped over the rocks swearing at Finley  for his whining and complaining.I watched him sit down in a corner and start crying.I sighed.I could hear the sea close behind me hurling against the rocks. Finley kept whining and complaining and telling me that if we stayed out here any longer we would die. I turned to face him away from the hurling sea and shouted at him,then I remember it , it all happened too quickly after that ,Finley screamed as a wave crashed over us and he hit his head as we were hurled out to sea. I only wish I had listened to him…

After a long struggle I was forced to release my grasp on my brothers arm. I shouted,I screamed, I cried till I was hoarse,I tried to swim after him but my body was numb with cold and paralysed with fear. I watched him float away into the horizon sapping the last of my energy so I felt I could feel my body sinking . I thought at any moment I would be crushed or destroyed by all the evil forces the sea could hurl at me .

Meanwhile , a man is trying to catch some fish in the evening in his book. All of a sudden a dark figure started to approach him. He was still, completely still, almost lifeless. Panic urged inside him, forcing him to dive in. The water was cold and dirty as he coughed and spluttered . He reached out pulled the boy and hurled him onto the deck. Clambering aboard he stared at the silent ,still figure of the boy. His was laboured and shallow. Turning on the engines, the man headed home . Ten minutes later, he saw another boy who seemed to be sinking. Confused by this sighting, the man once again dived in.

In the depths of the ocean I found myself being pulled out of the water and thrown onto the deck. I sighed in relief. My heart stopped thumping so rapidly as we headed for home. Everything was fine, for now…

6JW mystery COLD WRITE by Keiran

As I strolled though the eerie forest along the lane, a sign stood. The words wrote DANGER NO TRESPASSING! I took a risk and ignored the sign. Further up the lane, bones were strewn all over the ground. Trees loomed over like bony hands reaching for me. A shiver ran up my spine. Suddenly, in the distance a gloomy bright light shone down! I walked closer. A mysterious being appeared out of the light. What was it?